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Latin For Americans Book II Lesson II:

Lux: elucidate - to make clear; to explain elucidation, elucidative, elucidator. lucent - 1) giving off light; 2 ) clear (translucent) lucency. lucid - 1) clear to the mind lucidity pellucid - 1) clear, easy to understand: pellucidity, pellucidness
Humilis humilis humile: humility
Omnis omnis omne: omnibus - a volume of works by only one author or on only one subject. omnifarious - of all kinds: omnifariousness. omniscience - knowing all things: omniscient omnivorous - 1) eating animals and plants; 2) intellectually taking in all kinds of things: omnivore (an omnivorous person or animal), omnivorism, omnivorousness
Respondeo: respond, responsive
Rogo: abrogate - to abolish (a law, etc.);arrogate - to claim for oneself or appropriate to oneself without justification: arrogation, arrogance, arrogant (making claims of superiority; excessively proud), arrogator.
interrogation - a thorough questioning: interrogable, interrogate, interrogational, interrogatory, interrogee
prerogative - an exclusive right or privilege, surrogate

Servo: conservative - tending to keep things as they are, to oppose change conservatism, conservativeness. conservatory - a school or academy of music or art: observatory

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